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Legal Information

You are courrently connected to the Janach web site. The purpose of this web site is to make information about Janach's lines of business available to the public free of charge. Use this site to compliance with the applicable laws and these general access conditions and conditions of use. We deserve the right to amend this conditions at any time, and we also invite users to refer to them regurarly.

 General information:

This: http://www.janach.it/ Janach site is the property e.Janach Srl
Public Limited Company with registered capital of 93.600€
Trade and Companies Register: Como +39 031574088
Head office: Via Borgo Vico 35 22100 Como - Italy


Intellectual property

The general structure, as well as the text, animated or fixed images, sounds, graphics, downloadable documents, databases and any other element comprising the site are exclusive property of Janach. The whole of this site is subject to Italian and international on copyright and intellectual property. The names, trademarks and trading names referred to on this site are the property of the respective parties that lodged them. Any use or reproduction (whether in part or in whole) of this site, the elements, comprising it and/or the information featured therein using any procedure whatsoever, constituites piracy sanctioned by the intellectual Property Code. Neverthrlrd, information specific to this site may be used by third parties subject to the following conditions: all the information disseminated directly on the Janach site, with the exception of the iconografy, photos, videos, posters, logos and trademarks may be reproduced, represented or redisseminated by third parties provided simply that Janach is informed beforehand and that the source of them is mentioned.  They may not however be used for commercial or advertising purpose. Janach reserves the right to prohibit the third parties concerned from using the information defined hereinabove at any time, and without prior notice or having to provide reasons for its decision. In this event, it will inform the person concerned, who shall have 8 working days to cease and desist from its practices. Janach and its logo are registered trademarks and in this capacity are protected by trademarks law. They are the exclusive property of Janach. All the other trademarks referred to belong to their exclusive owners.

Hypertext links
Janach authorises any Web site to enstabilish a link pointing towards the URL: www.janach.it symply upon having recived a request to do so. Any link of this sort shall however be created subject to the legal provisions in force, Janach reserves the option of prohibiting these links at any time, and without prior notice or having to provide reasons for its decision. In this case, it will inform the person concerned, who shall have 2 working days to bring the link to an end.

Ban or mirroring
No placement of this site on line by a third party using another URL is permitted.